1st November: Beginning of the Academic Year
31st October: Ending of the Academic Year
31st March: Deadline for Erasmus+ incoming students application forms (I semester)
30th September: Deadline for Erasmus+ incoming students application forms (II semester)

Exams for enrolled students and Erasmus students (1st and 2nd level degree):
Last week of February: winter session (oral and written exams)
Middle June – middle July: summer session (oral and written exams)
Middle September – beginning of October: autumn session (oral and written exams)

Deadline for admissions to the 1st and 2nd level degrees (Triennio and Biennio) and useful information:
To enroll in the Conservatory application must be made using the forms by 31 May of each year.
The entrance exams are organized in the last days of June and possibly early July.
In mid-July the Conservatory report the numbers of places available on the basis of which the candidates in a good position in the ranking can immediately enroll (by 30 July). On the same date the Conservatory communicate for each course of study the possible extension of the deadline for acceptance of new applications with deadline 10 September only remaining places. Any second admission will take place in the last days of September, and possibly the first of October.

The EU countries who do not want to show up at the first session of exams can be sent by May 31 for admission related to a curriculum and a DVD with a recording of your performance by at least 30 minutes. In the case of materials composing the candidate must submit at least three scores with his statement to be the author.
Based on the documentation sent to the Academy announced the list of candidates for the entrance examination to be held in late September, to coincide with the second session of admissions and close to the start of classes (October 15). Non-EU students must in any case be already in compliance with the formalities required by the law and have a good knowledge of the Italian language. For further information please visit

The Conservatoire will be closed on:
• 1th November
• 8th December
• 25th – 26th December
• 31st December - 1st January
• 6th January
• Easter Day and the following Day
• 25th and 27th April
• 1st May
• 2nd June