L'Associazione Europea dei Conservatori (AEC) è un network che conta più di 248 istituzioni partner appartenenti a 55 paesi. Il conservatorio “Agostino Steffani” è membro effettivo dell’associazione dal 2012.
European Association of Conservatoires (AEC) is a network with over 248 partners from institutions in 55 countries. The Conservatoire“Agostino Steffani” Conservatoire is an Active Member of AEC since 2012. 

The aims of AEC are: 

a) Support Members:
Addressing the needs, wishes and priorities of its member institutions while providing informed advice that helps to shape those priorities in the direction of advancing European Higher Music Education as a whole.

b) Promoting Events and Networking:
Providing a range of platforms for the exchange of experiences and ideas between member institutions and for the identification and sharing of best practice in European Higher Music Education.

c) Offering External Links:
Connecting member institutions with other organisations and individuals in Europe and internationally who are active in areas relevant to the advancement of European Higher Music Education

d) Advocacy:
Representing and advancing the interests of the Higher Music Education sector at national, European and international levels. 

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